March 26th is an  interactive grammar tool. This is a lesson based,or exercised based website. This is used by teachers to teach grammar lesson by lesson or by whole units. They can assign the lessons to individual students or to whole classes. Each lesson begins with an introduction and diagnostic paragraph for students to read, proofread, and rewrite. As explained on this website, the writing and the editing is done directly within the interactive tool. Within the lessons, students read sentences and correct them by typing an edited version. It looks like this:



I agree with Amy Lauren B. a teacher who wrote a critique about She states that “learning grammar and writing skills in an authentic context reinforces learning and helps foster transfer”. As a future second language teacher, I believe that grammar learning should be acquired in the most accurate and realistic situations. Furthermore, real time feedback is an aspect of this tool that I really like.


With regards with the disadvantages, I, once again,  agree with Amy Lauren B. She states that it would be better if explanations were not hidden until after answers are corrected by students. This would help them with errors which they have no clue what’s wrong with.

Pedagogical aspects

This website is helpful for teacher because it gives access to precise, targeted grammar lessons that teachers would have to create otherwise.  Indeed, lessons are adaptive; students get immediate, instructive feedback as they progress. Since the grammar lessons are adapted from grade 1 to 8 second language teachers can target the grammar level their students is at.  The color code is easy to distinct for teachers.  This code is: green for mastery, yellow for difficulty, and red for review needed. A negative aspect of this tool would be the students’ motivation. Like Jessica L. explains in her critique, since students have to rewrite the whole sentence, it demotivates them.

As a conclusion, I would recommend this grammar tool, but to be used with moderation. I don’t think that this tool can replace grammar lessons or a grammar book entirely.


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