April 2nd


SpeakPeek is a very original online portal that allows ESL teachers to create interactive speaking and listening exercises for students to complete and submit on the same portal. Using a microphone, students record themselves doing the speaking exercises, and their results are saved on the site for teachers to listen to and grade. Teachers have the opportunity record “solutions” to the exercise in their own voice, and they can provide personalized feedback individually to student for each exercise.

As explained on the official website, it’s very simple to use. First, you create your speaking activity. Second, your students record their answers. The final step if for teachers to listen to their students and grade them.



I found a nice blog , written by an EFL teacher, discussing the use of Speech Peek. The author list a variety of advantages I definitely agree with.

1. It is a great way to create digital assignments that can be accessed anywhere.

2.The students receive personalized feedback online.

3. It is a great way for students to practice speaking and listening.

4. The lesson can be as precise as the teacher wants.

5. The students are able to record and listen to themselves, making changes and monitoring their own production in order to improve pronunciation.

6. Teachers can provide recordings of their own voice.


In order to complete the tasks, students have to have access to a computer with a microphone at home, which might not be the case for everybody.

Pedagogical aspects

Speech Peek, in my opinion, is a great tool for ESL teachers. This kind of tools is very interesting, both for the teacher and the students. The fact that it is a speaking practice tool is very engaging and amusing for students. I believe this tool could be a good motivator for students who are a little bit more sky that others to speak since only the teacher can hear them do their exercises.

Furthermore, it is much more original and alluring for students than typical written exercises as homework.

I conclude that this is a great tool that teachers should use, but only if all their students have a computer and a microphone to work with at home. There are many advantages to this tool, and it is very unusual and stimulating for both teachers and students.


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