February 26th

Citelighter – Say goodbye to note cards: Research and citations made easy for students.

Citelighter is a tool for students to use when doing research and composing research paper or essays. This interesting tool works like a toolbar attached to the web browser of your choice, from a computer or on a phone. Its functioning is very simple. Students find an article or a text on the Internet, and when they find a quote or a paragraph they find interesting, they use the toolbar to highlight the said part. This tool keeps the citation or paragraph highlighted in memory and automatically creates a bibliography. In addition, students can writes note that are linked with the excerpts they want  to keep. This toolbar also permits students to export their work to Google Drive, Words or an E-Mail address. In addition, there are  tutorials offered to help students with difficulty.

I find this tool absolutely amazing. As a future ESL teacher, I will have students write papers and essays with multiple sources. I think this tool can help reduce plagiarism in a significant way. Since the tool automatically creates a bibliography, there are no more excuses for un cited excerpts or citations.

Furthermore, I believe this tool can really help students do their work effectively. This tool keeps them organized without any effort. I know I will have to deal with students that are unorganized and that some of them might tell me: I lost my page, I don’t remember where I took this quote, I don’t remember from which text this excerpt comes from, etc. Using this tool, their work is organized and saved for them.

Amy Lauren B., a teacher that did a review and a critic of this tool, says that “the automatically compiled bibliography may encourage student passivity rather than inquiry into the why of the citation process”.  I do not agree with her. I believe this tool, unlike what she states, can actually help students develop a habit in writing their sources and being organized in their research and note-taking process. However, I totally agree with Yuliana Bagan, who says in her review that this tool has many advantages.

In conclusion, I recommend this tools for ESL teachers as well as other teachers for all the advantages this tool offers to students. This tool makes it easier for students doing efficient research, and therefore helps them being efficient in their writing process.

Anne-Marie Garneau-Beaudoin

Future ESL teacher


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